“I find to sustain interest in making art you have to be very keen in following what interests you.
At times this is not easy because there are many influences pulling in other directions. Often
commercial success leads to repeating what you did previously and this repetition can diminish
the adventure and vitality of making art. It is important in my process to keep a spirit of
experimentation with all aspects of creating art.
Materials are a big source of what fascinates me in making art. To the degree my paintings might
look different from other paintings is usually a factor of my use of non-traditional materials
incorporated in my paintings. String, wire, wax, plaster, sand, clay, diatomaceous earth, and a
very long list of other materials usually are submersed in acrylic mediums and add their unique
properties in constructing a painting.
My paintings usually offer some degree of illusion to an image but it is also important for me to
create work that is viewed as a one-of-a-kind interesting object. I want the viewer to be drawn to
a place somewhere between illusion and form.”